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Heavyweight transportation

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Heavyweight transportation


Removal service Olomouc, Prostějov, Přerov, Šternberk, Hranice, Konice, Litovel, Uničov

Stěhování Olomouc

Moving flats, households, offices, companies.

Complete realisation of fast and safe moving of flats, households, offices, companies, warehouses, fitness centres, shops. Dismantling, packaging, fastening against the movement, distributing according to their place on the distribution plan, reassembling. We manage more workers to shorten the moving time.

Transport of materials.

Transportation of wood, briquettes, roof tiles, iron constructions, thermal insulation, etc.

Clearance of estates, households, gardens, cellars etc.

We clear out all hoseholds and garden items, including furniture, electrical items, clothes, rubbish, junk, waste, hazardous material, weed, bushes, trees, heavy items. We take all items to waste collection yard. We always tidy up afterwards, leaving everything clean, and well looked after. We manage the demolish of small buildings and walls.

Heavyweight transportation (safes, pianos).

Moving of heavy items, including pianos, safes, oversize furniture, machines up to 500 kg.

We can clean rooms and houses, paint walls or demolish of small buildings. We will answer your question. We speak English.Contact us.


We provide you 24 hours service.
Citroen Jumper 2006
Our truck for moving


Maximum permissible weight 3300 kg

Length - 5,5 m
Height - 2,5 m
Width - 2 m

Loading area

3,3 m x 1,8 m

Price list

Transportation in Olomouc is free of charge 0,- CZK/km.
We charge the work in two hours in case the moving time is shorter.
Time of work round up to half an hour.
Price for moving heavyweight items is 150,- CZK/ floor
Price for packaging material is 300,- CZK/ flat, office or floor of house
Moving outside Olomouc 12,- CZK/km.

Without truck
1 worker

400 CZK/hour

  • 1 Worker for moving without car.
  • Suitable for moving between the floors or the rooms of the house or in the garden.

1 worker

900 CZK/hour

  • The worker i a driver and a removal man at the same time.
  • Suitable for them, who are able to move.
  • Keep in mind that longer moving is extremely exhausting work.

2 workers

1100 CZK/hour

  • The first worker i a driver and a removal man at the same time. The second worker is a removal man.
  • The most popular choice of customers.
  • When the amount of items is not big.

3 workers

1500 CZK/hour

  • The first worker i a driver and a removal man at the same time. The second and the third worker are removal men.
  • When the amount of items is big.
  • Every other worker 400,- CZK/hour

How to pay?

You can transfer money to our bank account or pay in cash. We make out an invoice or a tax document.


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Why we are better than others?

We act fairly and quickly. Our goal is good communication with customers. So don´t be afraid to ask us. A lot of customers purchase our services frequently. This is the biggest reward for us.


Do you need a piece of advice? Do you want to ask how much the moving costs, how long does it take, how to pay or which services we offer? Don´t be afraid to contact us. We will be happy to answer questions.

Tax identification number: 76618277
We are not registered as payers of value added tax.
According to the trade law §71 paragraph 2: Regional office Olomouc.